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Commercial Real Estate:  Skillfully sourced and structured.  Expertly managed.

Why Commercial Real Estate?

We invest in CRE that provides essential goods and services to demographically secure communities. Our CRE investments deliver stable, superior risk-adjusted returns and a hedge against inflation over the long term, typically around 10 years. 

Why Now?

The stock market is at an all time high and is extremely volatile, often influenced by short-term interests. The intrinsic value of well-located essential CRE lacks such volatility, offering the opportunity for long-term, reliable income. 

Why Headwater Capital?

Four decades of success in CRE investing having acquired and managed investments in excess of $1B. Headwater Capital is ideal for clients seeking preservation of capital and predictable, tax-efficient cash flow.

Headwater Capital in five words:



A private equity firm specializing in long-term, secure cash flow from commercial real estate sources, Headwater Capital acquires and manages prime commercial real estate in high value, demographically secure markets across the United States.

•  We structure these investments to provide reliable and secure cash flow, offering a hedge against volatile equity markets and inflation.

•  Our investors come first: Headwater Capital participates in profit distributions only if our investing partners achieve targeted returns. 


Our team of professionals conducts a meticulous fundamental property analysis and technical appraisal to ensure safe and reliable cash flow, with the potential for significant capital appreciation over time.

Headwater’s process begins with developing a list of prime properties meeting the following rigorous investment criteria:

  • Asset value and quality, and a strong market-specific economic rationale
  • Demographically secure retail developments in growing, economically prosperous markets around the country
  • Stable cash flow and attractive risk-return profile
  • Reduced financial leverage to lower investment risk
  • Customizable deal structure to meet the individual needs of our investors 

We offer advantageous tax structure generating substantial cash flow, and not subject to current income taxation. Throughout the full lifecycle of the asset, Headwater Capital’s team and partner network closely monitor and manage each asset to ensure preservation of value and maximum return on investment.


Headwater Capital’s proven methodologies, processes and strategic relationships were developed and refined over the past 40 years of successful commercial real estate investment and management; and decades of serving high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Our highly experienced team builds on over a century of combined success.

  • Robert A. Kantor Chief Executive Officer

    40 years of success as a commercial real estate investor and manager of over $1B in real estate acquisitions.

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  • Bill Fowler Chief Financial Officer

    25+ years as a CPA with Ernst & Young and running his own accounting, tax and financial consulting firm.

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  • Camille Watson Acquisition Manager/Investor Relations

    20+ years of experience in branding, marketing and strategic communications to position early and mid-stage companies as market leaders.

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Managing Partner, Givens Pursley LLP, Boise ID
(special counsel for real estate)


Chairman, Double L Manufacturing, Burley ID
(CRE investor)


Director, Integra Realty Resources, Boise ID
(CRE advisory services)

Josh Kantor

Partner, Alpine Investments, Ketchum ID (CRE investment and management)


Events and Alumni Relations Manager, Community School, Sun Valley ID
(B2B marketing, digital media, brand building)


Principal, Essex Financial Group, Denver CO
(CRE sales and finance)

Stuart Keirle

Executive Development Director, First National Bank of Northern California
(CRE banking)


Sr. Managing Director, Integra Realty Resources, Boise ID
(CRE advisory services) 


Partner, Alpine Investments, Ketchum ID
(CRE diligence, acquisition, management)


Marketing and Real Estate, Headwater Capital, Ketchum, ID
(CRE investor relations)


Executive VP, A10 Capital, Boise ID
(CRE financing)


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