Idaho Business Review: New Ketchum investment firm places flagship investment

Courtesy of Idaho Business Review

by Benton Alexander Smith,  August 30, 2016

A new private equity firm has opened in Ketchum and announced its first real estate investment Aug. 10.

Headwater Capital was founded in February by Robert Kantor. The firm focuses on long term real estate investments and recently closed its flagship investment, on a $3.5 million property in the Indianapolis suburb of Fishers, Ind.

The property is a retail center called Olio Pavilion with a Kroger Marketplace. The property is expected to average a 7 percent annual cash yield for a 10-year investment period for the 12 investors Headwater gathered for the investment, according to Kantor.

The retail center occupies 1.28 acres and consists of 10,595 square feet. It is 100 percent occupied and the median household income in Fishers is $92,552. The U.S. median household income is $53,046, according to

“There is a word that I use called perennial assets – it literally means that it will be good today, tomorrow, etc.,” Kantor said. “That is the type of property we are looking for, things that the community are likely to patronize as long as those communities stay viable.”

Kantor has worked in property matters almost since graduating from law school in 1969 and served as the principle for real estate transactions for his law firm in the 1970s. He began working directly for real estate investment firms in 1982 and has been the chairman of a real estate investment group since 1986.