Rick LeFaivreShareholder & Advisor

    Dr. LeFaivre has over 40 years of accomplishment as a computer scientist, professor, R&D executive, venture capitalist and board member, working at leading universities, high-technology companies and venture capital firms. He started his career as a computer science professor at Rutgers University, with a research focus on artificial intelligence in the early years of that discipline. Later, he served as vice president of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer, and held R&D leadership positions at Borland International, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Tektronix. He worked 15 years as a venture capital partner and was a founding board member of the Software Patent Institute, which advises the government on issues related to software patentability; and of CSNET, a precursor of the Internet. Dr. LeFaivre earned his doctorate in computer sciences from the University of Wisconsin and his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Missouri. He serves on several for-profit, non-profit, and governmental boards.